The Languages of the Bible

January 16, 2012

I found this article posted on It talks about the languages the Bible has been translated into as well as the original languages it was written in. It offers great information about the meaning of some of the language and hints at how meaning can get convoluted and distorted over time. Definitely worth remembering as I continue to read…


Another Perspective

January 2, 2012

Awhile back I offered up a quote from Ayn Rand that described an alternate perspective on Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden. I realized I promised to add more “outside” ideas as they came up and I’m actually going to follow through! This time I thought it would be beneficial and fair to give a quote from the other side of my pre-disposition towards religion and the Bible. The quote comes from a book by John Irving called A Prayer for Owen Meany. The character Owen Meany, who this quote comes from, is a religious kid who is considerably smarter than his peers and continually offers unique perspectives on religion and his place in the world.

“Just because a bunch of atheists are better writers than the guys who wrote the Bible doesn’t necessarily make them right!”

Owen’s statement resonates in several areas. It helps keep cynical people humble at times as well as remind us that modern writers have significantly more resources at their disposal. I have also noticed after reflecting on this quote that the text of the Bible does not have a persuasive tone to it. Many authors that I have read who are against religion in some form or another often take a persuasive stance and attempt to convince the audience of his or her point of view. Ironically, I don’t feel like I’m being converted when I read the Bible, but I do when I read anti-religious sentiments.

Then again, I’ve got a lot more book to cover.